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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday Drinks

Naz and I had the privilege to attend Brooklyn Beta last week (more on that soon), and the first talk we attended was on charity: water, a nonprofit organization with a unique donations model that works to get 100% of all donated funds directly into water projects in developing nations. (Administrative costs are covered by a mix of private donors.)

Viktoria Harrison, charity: water’s brand manager, mentioned that one of the nonprofit’s popular donation methods was having people donate their birthdays. Which means, in lieu of gifts, birthday celebrants ask their well-wishers to donate to charity: water instead. And here we are, less than a week later, celebrating my birthday. Harrison’s suggestion was well-timed, and if you wanted to meet up during Brooklyn Beta and missed the chance, now’s your opportunity to buy me a birthday/conference drink, so to speak. Really, though, here’s an opportunity to give some people more birthdays.

Visit the campaign. Or learn a little more about charity: water.

By Laurel Hechanova
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