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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two Highlights and a Sidelight

Brooklyn Beta was a barrage of interestingness so making a highlight list is difficult, especially when one was too enamored of the present to take notes. (Ahem.) In any case, what follows is one thing that floored me, another to which I’ve become addicted and one final bit that was a surprise.

Sexy, Sexy Government Data

screenshot of

Todd Park made an impassioned case for us web-makers to do great things with the piles of health data the government collects and allows us to access freely. He acknowledges that the health system is broken and doesn’t serve those who need it most, and he urges those who can to build things with this data to help the nation. Consider this your call of duty.


screenshot of

I can be a pretty jaded user of the Internet. If you’d asked me if I wanted one more way to express my opinions about the media I consume, I would’ve given you a hug and pinched your cheek, you naïve, adorable person, you.

Apparently, I’m wrong about myself because along comes Letterboxd, and I find myself typing up a lauding review of The Incredibles, a movie that came out seven years ago and doesn’t really need more lauding. The site’s interface is slick and fun. Combine that with a huge movie database, cut it with some smart socialization and you’ve got the cocaine of media review sites. Letterboxd isn’t open to the public yet, but sign up on their site to find out when they launch.

Hiut Denim

screenshot of Hiut Denim's website

In one of the many interesting side conversations I had at Brooklyn Beta, Jon Heslop introduced me to Hiut Denim for whom he designs (digitally) and codes. Hiut is a new jeans factory based in Cardigan, a small town where apparently a tenth of its population are highly skilled denim craftspeople.

The company’s goals include changing the denim industry and reviving Cardigan by allowing its citizens to do what they’re great at. As such, I have never been so excited to purchase a pair of pants.

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